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MRC Contestants
are judged on the following:

Public Speaking

1. A 3-to-4-minute memorized speech. Longer than 4 minutes or less than 3 will result in point reductions at the discretion of the judges.

2. Impromptu Questions.

3. Extemporaneous Speech (contestants will be given a topic and will have 5 minutes to prepare a 1-minute speech on that topic)


Contestants will be judged on their ability to control their horse, balance, position of hands, feet and seat. Categories will include mounting and dismounting, rail work, pattern, impromptu questions based on knowledge of tack, horse science, and terminology, presentation ride (flag and wave lap) during horsemanship, and presentation ride during a CFR performance. Each contestant will draw 3 different horses during horsemanship and will be assigned a horse during the presentation ride at CFR. Judges and horse owners will answer any questions PRIOR to the start of horsemanship. *You will be provided with a blouse and jeans; you may add your own accessories.


Posture, confidence, poise, ability to project your personality, the use of the stage, engagement of the audience and ability to show off sponsor clothing as well as the contestant’s outfit of choice are all taken into account.

Written Exam

Personal Interview

Contestants will answer questions regarding rodeo knowledge (rules, history, past and reigning champions both in Canada and the US), equine knowledge (common diseases, ailments, and care) and knowledge of the Miss Rodeo Canada organization (its sponsors and history).

Judges will interview each contestant privately. Questions will test for knowledge of professional rodeo, current affairs, and conversational ability, all with an emphasis on grammar and enunciation.

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