May 2020- Alicia Erickson

The May flowers are in full bloom, creating that beautiful Alberta scenery that we’ve all been missing over the past seven months.

Earlier in the month I created a media post where individuals could write me their mailing info, and I would send them a signed picture. I believe I signed around two hundred photos, and loved being able to personalize each one of them. Thank you for letting me spread some cheer.

Many of you ask how I keep myself busy with no rodeos to attend, and let me tell you THIS kept me (and the post office) busy for days!

Keeping me even more busy was the online interviews and podcasts that I had the opportunity to do. Jordan Tierney (Miss Rodeo America 2020) and I have been working on a couple informative videos that I can’t wait to share with you all!

Another reason I love this month is because branding season begins! Branding’s are a time to bring family and friends together to celebrate the hard work done throughout calving season. I love having the opportunity to lend a working hand, and to sneak in roping a couple calves as well!

Our official jewelry sponsor, Montana Silversmiths gives Miss Rodeo Canada the opportunity to share “Montana Moments”. I was able to have one of these moments at a branding that I attended. My friend Chesney is such a hard working and determined young girl, and I had been wanting to do something to show her my appreciation. Giving her a customized hat feather was perfect, as the feather symbolizes strength in which I want her to have, to know that she can conquer any future goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

Usually in May I would have attended the Leduc Black Gold Professional Rodeo, and The Grand Prairie Stompede. Under the circumstances that was not an option this year but I am looking forward to being with you all in 2021!

The month of June is looking bright and hopeful, I can’t wait until we can all rodeo again!

Alicia Erickson, Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

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