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March 2021 - Alicia Erickson

March is one of my favourite months, because the beginning of Spring means calving season.

On the back of a horse, feet planted on the dirt, or arms through the bars of a loading chute, from a young age that is where you could find my working hands. Not growing up on a ranch, I was lucky enough to be “adopted out”. Family friends couldn’t get rid of an eager young Alicia who wanted to learn, grow, and absorb every bit of knowledge possible. I still find myself back at my home roots, offering to help wherever possible.

Down the road - always driving, early March led me to Innisfail Chrysler to work on some new video footage for you all to see. These may include (but are not limited to) towing a truck with a rope and horse, interviewing Adam Glover, and driving away with a 2021 model!

Part of my role as Miss Rodeo Canada is to share my experiences, and be a mentor for up and coming queens. Codi Wilson and I created an “All Things Rodeo Queening” informative online session, for anyone interested in running for the Alberta High School Rodeo Queen program. It was a hit with more than 12 girls, and we can’t wait to continue these sessions with themed educational experiences. Continuing with online sessions, I was greatly humbled to have been asked as a clinician in the Miss Rodeo Idaho clinic. I spoke on both appearance, and dual taught public speaking with Miss Rodeo America via Zoom, to young woman across the USA and even Canada!

A new year means new photographs, and I had to stop in at my favourite hat store to touch up my lid’s for a photoshoot. The first thing Brian did when I walked into Smithbilt Hats was offer me a coffee, not because I was tired (haha), but because they want you to have the best experience each time you walk through those doors. I always feel refreshed after a nice visit, and we had to show off our fedoras for the spring/summer hat fashion coming in hot! I continued my day in Calgary by visiting Mo with YYC Nails, who has been a cherished sponsor for three years now. I tell her that she’s going to be an expert on rodeo by the time she’s done doing my nails.

Preparing for a photoshoot is more complicated than you think. Our program sponsor’s who provide MRC fashion all year long, are the top priority when choosing what to put together for a shoot. Smithbilt Hats, The Aria Studio’s, Wrangler, and Montana Silversmiths are the official looks of Miss Rodeo Canada. Thank you to Leslie Dawn Photography for taking the time, creating, and sharing your love of photography with our program, we can’t wait to show you all the 2021 autograph sheets!

You can continue to follow along with my Weekend Rodeo Update’s, every Monday morning via Instagram and Facebook. Or you can tune into 840 CFCW to hear the RAM Rodeo Report.

Looking ahead, sharing rodeos stories, and creating new ones in 2021 - see you all soon!

- Alicia Erickson, Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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