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June 2021 - Alicia Erickson

A cowgirl’s heart belongs where the rodeo is, so where the rodeo is, she will be…

With the conclusion on the month of June, it marks the halfway, or six month point until my time as Miss Rodeo Canada is complete! I’m counting every blessing and taking every opportunity that’s presenting itself, as that’s what this experience is all about - leadership, growth, and opportunity.

I started out June with a Branding at Bruce Harbin’s (President - Ponoka Stampede), and spent the day gathering, being on ground crew, and finished off by roping some calves in my C5 Rodeo sponsored saddle. Its always a good day just being a cowgirl, and watching cow/calf pairs head out to pasture in belly-high green grass.

Well, this month the rodeo was in Reno, Nevada - so I took the opportunity to visit this iconic rodeo, and support the Canadian professional rodeo athletes that competed there during the 10 day event. I hit the ground running, and started off with a 3AM wake-up call to head out into the desert for a 12 mile cattle drive, bringing the steers all the way into the city of Reno. It was like taking a step back in time, with tarp covered, horse drawn wagons, fire cooked meals, and scenery out of a picture book.

I attended the rodeo each night I was there, and rode into the arena proudly as Bob Tallman & Wayne

Brooks introduced Miss Rodeo Canada under the bright lights and fan covered stands. I’ve really missed out on children’s events this past year, and was so happy to help during the Special Kid’s Rodeo. I sang the Star Spangled Banner three times, helped youth find the courage to sit up on a horse, and lovingly watched many of the participants fall in LOVE with the best sport on dirt.

When I’m at a rodeo, it’s a job. There are countless hours spent prepping how I can use my time to the fullest while interacting with fans, sponsors, athletes, and committees. There are many interviews, and behind the scenes footage that I am looking forward to releasing on our social media in the upcoming months! It’s my goal at the end of an event, for personnel, committees, and everyone I interact with to have felt some benefit from my time at their rodeo, and I think that’s what leaves a lasting impression!

The Reno Rodeo Committee was absolutely incredible to me during my time there, they actually remind me a lot of the Ponoka Stampede, so with that being one of my favourite rodeos in Canada, it wasn’t hard to fall in love with Reno! Thank you to Miss Rodeo Nevada, (Kaely Juzek) & family, who welcomed me into their lovely home, and drove back and forth to events.

When I arrived back at home, I was greeted by a large parcel with many blue velvet boxes just waiting to be opened! Our official jewelry sponsor, Montana Silversmiths, has the most amazing pieces that I can’t wait to incorporate into my lifestyle, and share with you all.

With a brand new beginning to a 2021 rodeo season, as there was a year hiatus, I am excited to finally fly the maple leaf banner across Canadian rodeo grounds for the first time as Miss Rodeo Canada in TeePee Creek, Alberta! The wait is finally over, I will be able to personally meet all of you, and sign many autograph sheets face-to-face on Canuck soil.

See you all soon, watch for me driving up in my Innisfail Chrysler RAM truck!

- Alicia Erickson, Miss Rodeo Canada 20/21

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