June 2020- Alicia Erickson

Half of 2020 has now passed, and I can’t wait to walk into the next six months with my Miss Macie Boots!

The Miss Macie Boot Company, and LaDane Smith have been an incredible sponsor throughout the three years that we’ve had the opportunity to work with them. Thank you for being an inspiration to many, and for helping women (all over the world) gain the confidence to stand on their own two feet, and take the road less travelled.

I was so excited to finally visit my favourite hat shop, where I had a beautiful, burgundy SmithBilt waiting for my return! I’ve always been a person who loves the odd challenge, so I was enthusiastic when Brian Hanson asked if I wanted to sing our national anthem on top of their giant hat replica. Much to my surprise it was climbing the ladder that had my knees trembling, and I now know that I will never make a fire fighter.

Though we aren’t seeing much of rodeo in Canada this year, our Canadian athletes are having great success south of the border. I have been following along with their journeys through the PRCA website, and the live streamed rodeos that the Cowboy Channel covers. I will continue posting weekend results on the Miss Rodeo Canada facebook, and instagram page, so that you can all follow along too!

https://www.prorodeo.com/ https://www.thecowboychannel.com/

The cancellation of the 47th Canadian Finals Rodeo was a hard decision for all. But the safety of every person involved in putting on this large event is top priority. Our thoughts are with all of the rodeo athletes, sponsors, personal, and fans that are greatly affected but these tough circumstances.

There are greater things to come in the near future; we are all in this together.

~Alicia Erickson, 2020 Miss Rodeo Canada

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