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July 2021 - Alicia Erickson

I feel like I’ve been signing off of 15 months worth of diaries with the same hopeful, but slightly disappointed note. But just like I had hoped, our Canadian rodeo community has came back with resilience, and our sponsors, athletes, contractors, and personnel are finally back where they are happiest, and that’s the rodeo arena. I have never seen stands packed so full at each of the six CPRA events that I was at - our fans are back in full support!

Knowing that I would have a busy July, I spent a day at Smithbilt getting my hats shaped up, and was shocked to meet up with Ted Stovin, who surprised me with a 2021 edition Montana Silversmiths buckle to commemorate my two year rein! Thank you to Judy Wagner, Callie Adams, and the whole team for being such an incredible part of our program.

The LaDue Ladies Lunch kicked off my July, where I was grateful to see the “behind the scenes” at their first virtual event at the Paliser, Calgary. Organizations like this are keeping our cowgirl heritage alive, and giving young women across Canada the opportunity to win a scholarship with the submission of an essay. Shortly after I drove my Innisfail Chrysler truck over to Classic Rodeo Boutique to watch the rest of the Luncheon.

Now, I like to sing songs about being a “Canadian Northern Girl”, but honestly my seven hour drive to

Tee Pee Creek was the furthest north I had been in Alberta. This was my first Canadian rodeo as Miss Rodeo Canada, and it was so special to carry the maple leaf banner across the arena, and sing our National Anthem. It was great to stop by Dominic Valine’s silver shop on the way home, and learn how to hand-saw the silver maple leafs for the 2022 Miss Rodeo Canada’s spurs!

Driving back south, I had the opportunity to conquer a life-time goal of mine, which was to sing at the Calgary Stampede. Thank you to Brian Hansen with Smithbilt for believing in me, and giving me this opportunity, I will remember it for the rest of my life!

Bowden, AB held their first Canadian Professional Rodeo, and let’s just say they will have to build a grand stand in the upcoming years, because the attendance was overwhelming! They also held a junior rodeo, where I was able to test out the memory of my goat tying skills, helping young athletes get down the arena. I give so much thanks to the small communities, and Ag Society’s who are helping our sport flourish by hosting these events, and giving opportunities to our youth especially after the couple of years we have had. Thank you Bowden!

I have always had a sweet tooth, so I thought I would head back North to the land of the home-made pie, Lea Park Rodeo! Seriously the local women get together before the event and bake hundreds of varieties of pie to bring to the concession. I’m not going to lie, I tried each kind, but won’t tell you what that amounts to. I love being able to share our athletes stories, and I feel like this was one of the first rodeos where I could sit back and watch routines, have conversations, and get to know everyone that much better.

Medicine Hat is the home of 2017 & 2018 Miss Rodeo Canada titles, and happened to be my next stop! Short but sweet, I had a school visit, seniors home parades, and one pro rodeo performance. I drove over to Strathmore Thursday evening, and went straight into work the next morning.

Now talk about SOLD OUT rodeo performances. Strathmore Stampede hasn’t seen crowds like this in a long time. They have had me singing my heart out with two anthems a day! As I write this I still have two performances left here, and can’t wait to see who will take home the 2021 titles.

Next stop is Sundre, AB - GO WILD, GO WEST!

You can continue to follow along with my Weekend Rodeo Update’s, every Monday morning via Instagram and Facebook. Or you can tune into 840 CFCW to hear the RAM Rodeo Report.

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