January 2021 - Alicia Erickson

Take Two!

January 2021 is the first time since the beginning of the Miss Rodeo Canada organization (1965)

that the First Woman of Canadian Professional Rodeo has served her reign for two years. With

the circumstances that we were given in 2020, I was more than happy to continue on as Miss

Rodeo Canada 2021.

The entity of Miss Rodeo Canada would not be able to flourish without program sponsors that

have stayed by our side during these uncertain times. Going forward into a new year I would like

to express how grateful we are they chose us, and highlight different sponsors throughout each


First off, I would not be able to travel down the road safely without a reliable set of wheels from

Adam Glover at Innisfail Chrysler. Smithbilt Hats are not only the official hat sponsor of Miss

Rodeo Canada, but add to the wonderful team along with Lyle & Marie Kurtz of CVS Controls

LTD. While Cowan Graphics Imaging ties it all together with the perfect exterior wrap to

recognize our amazing partners.

If you see any of these wonderful people can you do me a favour?

Shake their hand, give them a smile, and thank them for supporting a program that educates,

inspires, and shares rodeos stories all across the world.

Support the businesses that support our lifestyle.

Alicia Erickson, Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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