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February 2023 - Mackenzie Skeels

Entering into the shortest month of the year it was one that did not disappoint! I started

off by attending the Sundre Trappers banquet. This is an event that I have had the opportunity

to go to a few times. Flashback to when I was Miss Rodeo Sundre 2019 I had a mouse who had

made himself at home in my car. During this banquet in 2020 I got a crash course of how to set

traps to catch a mouse. By the end of the evening, we were in luck, Mickey was captured. After I

caught my little friend, I bravely got a nice gentleman to empty my trap. Moral of the story is I

think I will leave it up to the professionals, but I am glad that I have learned the life skill of how to

set a mousetrap.

From there my travels went international as I made my way to Kissimmee Florida for the

Silver Spurs Rodeo! During my time down in the sunshine state we had the opportunity to visit

10 schools and educate them about rodeo. I always love being a part of sharing my knowledge

and love of our incredible sport to the next generation. In addition, I got to be a part of the

exceptional rodeo and was able to help my partner experience livestock and other fun activities

like roping and barrel racing. It was so cool seeing Florida from a local’s perspective! One

evening we went blueberry picking. However, I am not much of a blueberry picker, more of a

constant blueberry eater so when the other queens came back with their cups full of blueberries,

I had a total of two left in my cup, but my stomach was full. I am happy to report that they were

very good. While in Florida I experienced the everglades on a airboat ride at Wild Florida,

soaked up some much needed sunshine at the beach, went hog hunting, and I even attempted

facing my fear of snakes at Gatorland. Update if you have not seen the Facebook and

Instagram reel on my social media pages, I am still terrified, and I think I will stick to non scaly

creatures. A special thank you to my host, Laura Kessler.

Once I made it back to Canada, I visited Janine’s Custom Creations where she surprised me with a custom leather Peavey Mart Vest! I am so excited to be able to wear it throughout this year. I then attended ‘Skijordue’ held at the Calgary Polo Club, my very first skijoring event representing Smithbilt Hats, it was truly incredible all the talent and skill those competitors have.

As I made my way home, I stopped at Ponoka for the Hall of Fame concert and got to listen to

local superstar Shalaine Stebner. All done in the first day back in Alberta!

As this short but action-packed month comes to a close, I am so thankful for all of the

wonderful people I met, and all of the core memories that were made. 

With Gratitude, 

Mackenzie Skeels

Miss Rodeo Canada 2023

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