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April 2021 - Alicia Erickson

Coast to coast, rodeo to rodeo, and all of the miles and memories in-between.

The role of Miss Rodeo Canada is to be an ambassador for our sponsors, Canadian athletes and stock, our western heritage, and traditional traits that come along with the cowboy lifestyle. I embraced all of the above in April, and will continue living true to the lifestyle that raised me to be the person I am today.

Kissimmee, Florida was my first stop along the trail, for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo. There were 10 Canadian athletes vying for a National Championship. Throughout the 8-10th I represented our country, rode and carried sponsor flags in all four performances, and kept everyone back at home updated with results, interviews, and photos. Steer Wrestler,

Scott Guenthner had a great finals, and left Florida as the 2021 RNCFR Champion!

Host homes play such an important role in successful travels throughout your year, and I had the privilege of being hosted by Mark & Laura Kessler, and Miss Rodeo Florida’s (McKenna Andris) family during my time in Florida. They welcome you in with open arms, and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality. From snorkelling in the middle of the Atlantic, to fishing in my Wrangler & BEX, all things sunshine were experienced.

Up and away, Miss Rodeo Florida and I flew across the United States to meet Miss Rodeo California (Morgan Laughlin). Talk about a days worth of travel, when you have two suit cases overweight, and an unlawfully amount of carry-on luggage. Thank goodness we are rodeo queens, and can completely pack & repack everything in under 5 minutes without missing a flight. (But I’ll let you imagine the amount of stress had), shortly after to run into Bob Tallman, who can make anyones day better!

Wheels were on the ground, and we enjoyed the drive from Livermore CA, to Red Bluff, stopping to hike a morning sunrise of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was ecstatic to take in this rodeo for the first time with Miss Rodeo America by my side, as we both represented our National titles with pride. I met up with my ATB Financial team mate, Zeke Thurston, and was proud to see many Canadian athletes, stock (C5 Rodeo & Calgary Stampede), Pick-Up Men (Gary Rempel), and Contract Personnel (Magic in Motion), during my time there. A highlight would be watching Lakota Bird take the win in the Breakaway Roping for the 100th anniversary of the Red Bluff Round Up. Thank you to James Miller, and the committee for having me!

Rubber hit the pavement to Nevada, where I flew to Texas and stopped in at the Athens PRCA Rodeo. While there, I chased out stock, mingled with the crowd, and fell in love with the spirit of two little girls watching the rodeo. We all start out with a dream, and the look in their eyes reminded me of myself when I was their age. They loved my Montana Silversmiths jewelry, so I was happy to

give them my cuff, to share a piece of my story with them.

A few more miles, and Aria lip-stick shades later, my feet hit the Oklahoma dirt. The Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo was a fan packed, heritage celebrated, good time. Leading up to the rodeo we did school visits, sponsor visits, as well as I attended a radio and television interview talking about my title, rodeo, and Canadian athletes in the United States. I was even more honoured to have the opportunity to sing the American National anthem as Miss Rodeo Canada during the final Sunday performance.

This month of rodeo, has been the most revitalizing experience that I’ve had in over a year. You see - they say to do what makes you happy and you’ll live an incredible life. I saw rodeo fans, competitors, personnel, and stock doing what simply makes them happy. I saw the fire lit inside of children’s eyes as they clung on to an arena fence, staring, with a longing desire to picture themselves being on that arena ground one day. I saw hope for our rodeo community.

My heart is full, and I hope I can share these rodeo experiences with all of you in Canada in 2021.

- Alicia Erickson, Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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