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Karina TeesKarina Tees (Geleynse)
Miss Rodeo Canada 1999

Friday, November 13, 1998 was not an unlucky day for Karina Tees of Clive, Alberta.

Tees went to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, Alberta representing the Ponoka Stampede and left the arena as the new Miss Rodeo Canada.

Karina was crowned in front of a record crowd of 15,555 spectators at Skyreach Centre in Edmonton. She emerged the victor out of ten contestants vying for the title. Karina also holds the distinction of winning the horsemanship award at the pageant, which reflects her desire to turn pro in barrel racing some day.

Despite the challenges that come with being deaf, Karina has proven to the judges that she was indeed the perfect choice for Miss Rodeo Canada. From the moment she was crowned, Karina slipped into the role as naturally as if she'd been born for it.

"I never heard my name being announced during the crowning, but when I saw that all eyes were on me, I knew that I had won," she says.

"The glory does not belong to me, it belongs to my Lord because in spite of my deafness, He has made it all possible."

Karina is fluent in sign language, but her main form of communicating with people is by lip reading. "I started speaking when I was almost four years old, and did not learn sign language until I was around 13 years old. "Just because I have a disability does not mean we cannot go for our dreams," says Karina.

The 25 year old is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing at Red Deer College. Her schooling also includes classes in veterinary medicine, animal science, psychology and physical education.

Raising and training horses at home also keeps Karina busy. Other hobbies include ranching, animals, sports, and just about anything that keeps her outdoors. "I felt that, as Miss Rodeo Canada, I would be able to reach out to even more people, and to show compassion, love and caring ways to others," Karina says.

Another reason it was important for Karina to become Miss Rodeo Canada is she felt she could help to show that "rodeo is not just about "rough and tough" cowboys, bugt also full of loving and caring people."

Social Media

In a Windsor Star article it was announced that Ms. Tees was crowned by the Premier Ralph Klein!

Karina Tees


Since my time as Miss Rodeo Canada in 1999, a lot has changed in my life. I am happily married to Reuben, whom I think is the hottest guy on the planet. We were married in November of 1999 and lived between Winchester, Ontario and Lacombe, Alberta while travelling on the bullriding circuit.

We now live in our own Farm/Ranch in Eastern Ontario with our son Augustus born in January 2005 and daughter Morrigan born in October 2006. We raise miniature cattle, ride horses and run our own construction company.


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