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Katy Lucas


Katy Lucas
Miss Rodeo Canada 2015
Crowning Video

[Photo by Dainya Sapergia Western Lifestyle Photography]

Ranch raised Alberta cowgirl Katy Lucas is no stranger to the western way of life. She spent years travelling the professional rodeo circuit with her father, four-time Canadian Tie Down Roping Champion and six-time National Finals Rodeo Qualifier Joe Lucas, and is now an avid team roper both north and south of the border. In 2014 Katy won the Canadian Champion Team Roping title for the Team Roping Canada Association while roping with her brother Kyle, also a professional rodeo Tie Down and Team Roper.

An honors graduate from Lethbridge College, Katy uses her Communication Arts Diploma, specialized in Broadcast Journalism, to conduct interviews at Canadian Professional Rodeos throughout the province. Katy performed live interviews with contestants on the show “The Road to the CFR” in 2013 and now writes for both the Canadian Pro Rodeo News and Western Horse Review magazines. Through her work as a competitor, broadcaster and writer, Katy gained one of her proudest achievements, being named one of Western Horse Review’s “Top 25 Under 25” in 2013.

Upon meeting Miss Rodeo America Jennifer (Douglas) Smith, back in 1995, a three-year-old Katy decided she wanted to be a rodeo queen. She has held three previous titles; Carstairs Rodeo Queen 2008/2009, Alberta High School Rodeo Queen 2010/2011 and she represented the largest Canadian Professional Rodeo in the circuit as the 2014 Miss Ponoka Stampede.

Katy’s goal as Miss Rodeo Canada is to help create more awareness of rodeo by educating the general public about rodeo events, animal welfare and sharing the personal stories of the athletes that make her sport so unique. Whether it’s broadcasting at professional rodeos, writing about its competitors, or wearing the crown as Miss Rodeo Canada, everything Katy does is to promote and preserve the sport she loves and she hopes to continue to be a positive representative for rodeo and her country in the 2015 season.

Katy Lucas
Miss Rodeo Canada 2015


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Calendar of Events

Miss Rodeo Canada has a very busy schedule. She attends between 400-500 events a year. Each appearance may consist of a day filled with numerous events. The following is Miss Rodeo Canada 2015's schedule to date.


Canadian Finals Rodeo - November 8-9, 2014
Global TV - Interview - November 9, 2014
RAM Dodge Trucks (Londonderry Dodge Chrysler) - November 11, 2014
Smithbilt Hats - November 12, 2014 / Alberta Boot Co. - November 12, 2014 / Welsh's Western Wear /

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo - Las Vegas, Nevada - December 2-13, 2014

Miss Rodeo Arizona Coronation - January 10, 2015
National Western Stock Show and Rodeo - Denver, Colorado - January 15th-19th, 2015

Groundhog Day - Airdrie, Alberta - February 2, 2015
Sponsor Visit - Smithbilt Hats - February 2, 2015
Sponsor Visit - Roper - February 3, 2015
CFCW Interview - February 6, 2015
Alberta Association of Agriculture Convention - February 6, 2015
Ponoka Elementary School Reading - February 6, 2015
Silver Spurs Rodeo - Florida - February 16, 2015 - February 22, 2015

Parada Del Sol - Scottsdale Rodeo - Arizona- March 1, 2015
Roots 'N Boots Rodeo (Queen Creek) - March 8, 2015
Rodeo Queen Boot Camp - Ogden, Utah - March 12-14, 2015
RAM National Circuit Finals (Kissimmee, Florida) - Interview - March 24-29, 2015
Miss Ponoka Stampede Selection Day - April 13, 2015
The Mane Event Equine Expo - April 26, 2015
Ranchman's Stampede Kick Off - April 29, 2015
The Great Canadian Performance Horse Sale - May 2, 2015
High River Little Britches Rodeo - May 18, 2015
Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni Clinic - May 22-24, 2015
Grande Prairie Stompede - May 25-27, 2015
Leduc Black Gold Rodeo - May 28-31, 2015
Leduc Colony School Visit - May 28, 2015
Ponoka Elementary School Literacy Day - June 5, 2015
Brooks Pro Rodeo - June 6, 2015
Innisfail Pro Rodeo - June 12-14, 2015
Sundre Pro Rodeo - June 19-21, 2015
Ponoka Stampede - June 24 - July 1, 2015
La Due Ladies Luncheon - July 2, 2015
Ranchman's Bull Busting - July 2, 2015
Visiting Royalty Welcome Reception - July 2, 2015
Calgary Stampede Parade - July 3, 2015
Evening at the Chucks - July 3, 2015
Calgary Stampede Host Day - July 4, 2015
33rd Cowboys vs. Firefighters Charity Pole Climb - July 6, 2015
Giddy Up Grits - July 6, 2015
Upside Engineering Stampede Party - July 8, 2015
Ranchman's Stampede King Competition - July 9, 2015
TeePee Creek Stampede - Video - July 10-12, 2015
Maple Creek Pro Rodeo - July 15-17, 2015
Cheyenne Frontier Days - July 19-21
Medicine Hat Pro Rodeo - July 22-24, 2015
High Prairie Rodeo - July 28-29, 2015
Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede - August 1-2, 2015
Dawson Creek Pro Rodeo - August 6-9, 2015
Omak Stampede - August 13-17, 2015
Lethbridge Pro Rodeo - August 18- 22, 2015
Okotoks Pro-Rodeo - August 28-30, 2015
Armstrong, BC - Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede - September 1-4, 2015
Medicine Lodge Fall Round Up - September 12, 2015
Pro-Rodeo Canada Series Finals - Calgary - October 2-3, 2015
CFCW Listener Appreciation Concert - October 16, 2015
Australia National Finals Rodeo -Warwick, Australia - October 12-31, 2015
Canadian Finals Rodeo - November 11-15, 2015


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Katy Lucas, Miss Rodeo Canada 2015Interviews and Articles:


November, 2015

[Photo courtesy of Ian Neill Photography]

Katy LucasI believe that it’s not the people that are there for you when you’re on top, but rather the people that are there all the way up – and sometimes down – that matter the most. When I was about five years old my dad was putting on a roping clinic at our house. My sassy kindergarten self decided I needed to show these students how it was done, so I strolled over and asked dad if he would hold my purse for me. As any great dad would, he dutifully stood with my pink fuzzy purse in hand, while I expertly roped the dummy, just like my daddy taught me. He could have just set the purse on the ground, but after I roped only one time and set the rope down he just smiled and handed it back to me as I replied with a bat of an eyelash and a ‘thanks daddy’.

Since then I've roped a few more times, now more often with my little brother, Kyle. The pair of us have had countless arguments in the practice pen, trying to make each other better ropers. Sometimes we communicated that in ways neither of us found helpful at the time, but it was always for the common goal, improving ourselves.

One of my proudest accomplishments happened last year, right before I won the title of Miss Rodeo Canada. My brother and I entered the Team Roping Canada finals and after five good runs, pressure was mounting on us as we led the pack.  ‘Just go rope’ was what he said to me right before we entered the roping boxes to take our final run. All arguments aside, him and I have always had a way of working so well together when it was time to accomplish our goal. In the next six seconds we won the highest title I had ever received as a rodeo competitor, but what made me the most proud was that I had won it with my little brother. That day, and every day, the one person that’s always on the sidelines, whether I win the title or go home empty handed – is my mom. When I sat down to write this I tried to think of one story that stood out in my mind where she really supported me to achieve something.  A specific story just wouldn’t come to mind because no matter what, she’s always been there. She can heal all wounds, she ferociously defends me, she’s the best fashion critic, and is pretty good at picking out what you did wrong at the rodeo, even though she’s never picked up a rope. She’s never let me down.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being the leading lady of Canadian Professional Rodeo came from the close relationships I have formed this year with the rodeo competitors, committees and sponsors.  I have so many sponsors to thank!  They have kept me looking my best, and allowed me to travel to so many events.  Even though I travelled the rodeo circuit solo, I never once felt like I was alone. This sport has expanded my family to include hundreds of brothers, mothers and fathers that I know are there to support me at any given moment.

Those extended family members sprung in to action when, much to my embarrassment, I got bucked off at a rodeo this year. I had numerous of people at my side asking if I was okay and of course, like any close family member, once they realized I really was okay their concern quickly turned to jokes about my inferior riding abilities.

Through all of these ups and downs, it is the sport of rodeo itself that has also always been there for me. As all who are involved in rodeo know, this lifestyle can teach you more about the delicate balance of success and failure than anything you will ever experience in your life. You can go from champ to chump in just one nod of the head.
But that’s the beauty of the life we live isn’t it? I know I have learned to cherish every opportunity and every ounce of success I have received because I know it may never come again.

Winning the title of Miss Rodeo Canada 2015 was precisely one of those opportunities. This was a once in a lifetime experience that saw me travel four countries, do hundreds of appearances, and make friends and memories that I will never forget.

I have always said that the experience I gained from each queen title I have held has made me in to a better version of my former self. I can tell you that, because of this title, the person I really want to be stares me in the mirror every morning.
I made the conscious decision to stop being what I was expected to be, and start being what I wanted to be, and I have the people and the sport that has always been there for me to thank for giving me the courage it took to do that.
So to my family, both biological and extended, and to this great sport of rodeo, you’re the ones that have been there for me not just when I reached success, but through every peak and valley on the road to it. I cannot thank you enough for making this the best year of my life, as Miss Rodeo Canada 2015.

Katy Lucas
Miss Rodeo Canada 2015                         




Miss Rodeo Canada spent a busy summer at events in Alberta and British Columbia. Visits at the Calgary Stampede, Teepee Creek Rodeo, the Cheyenne Frontier Days, Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, and the High Prairie Elks Pro-Rodeo. In August Katy went to Strathmore, Dawson Creek, and even the Omak Stampede in Washington! Katy did some visits in Lethbridge at her College and visited some of her past teachers. View her Video Diary here.



Miss Rodeo Canada's June diary is now available! June was about finding new fans around Alberta. Miss Lucas attended the Brooks Kinsmen Rodeo, Daines Ranch Rodeo in Innisfail, Alberta, the Sundre Pro-Rodeo, Airdrie Pro-Rodeo, the Ponoka Stampede, as well as the Calgary Stampede. View June's Video Diary here.




A future Miss Rodeo Canada!



Katy Lucas had a very busy month of May. She attended the High River Lil Britches Rodeo, the Grande Prairie Stompede and the Leduc Black Gold Pro-Rodeo. She also lent a hand at the 2nd annual Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni Seminar as well as visited the Warburg Hutterite colony and schools! View her May events through her video diary here!









Miss Rodeo Canada 2015, Katy Lucas had some fun in April. She crowned the new Miss Rodeo Ponoka and won a Ladies High Point Team Roping championship. View her video diary here!




Katy's travels for the month of March are featured in another wonderful video diary. View it here!



Katy's travels for the month of February are featured in another wonderful video diary. View it here!



We are so excited to see Miss Rodeo Canada 2015, Katy Lucas, describe her month of January through a video diary!
View it here!




Slideshow of Las Vegas

I ended my last diary entry by remembering the day I nervously met one of my greatest heroes, that hero was Miss Rodeo America 1995 Jennifer (Douglas) Smith. Well, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this year came full circle for me when I got the chance to meet her for a second time, 18 years later.

Jennifer Smith and a young Katy LucasIt was right after the Miss Rodeo America crowning where they celebrated the 60th Anniversary by bringing back their alumni, I hurried through the auditorium to talk to an alumnus that was very special to me. As we stood to take a few photos together I began to well up with emotion over how this special person had influenced my life.

When I met Jennifer Smith as a toddler, I decided I wanted to be a rodeo queen. That was something that would have been life-changing on it’s own, but she inspired much more than my tiara dreams.

After watching Jennifer for so many years doing interviews at the Wrangler National Finals, I decided to attend Lethbridge College’s Communication Arts Program, where I specialized in Broadcast Journalism, and now broadcast at our Canadian Professional Rodeos, still with the hopes of entering the Thomas and Mack someday with a mic in my hand.

Now, I couldn’t explain all this to Jennifer as I choked out the few words I could muster through the tears pouring down my face, but I hope she knows how much meeting her meant to me.

Jennifer Smith and Katy Lucas (Now)That special moment was one of many I will never forget from the 2014 NFR. I will never forget my first ride into the Thomas and Mack, where the atmosphere seemed almost hazy and I still don’t know if that was from the pyro or my disbelief.

I’ll never forget the kindness shown by the people that put the show together, Angie Burton always made sure the grand entry was nothing but safe and executed precisely, Ashley Baca shared her flag horse “Amos” with me and always knew exactly how many holes the stirrups had to go up, and the crew with the Cowboy Hall of Fame hosted me with open arms every night at the Gold Card room.

I’ll never forget how surreal it was to sit and watch so many passionate girls compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America. Congratulations to former Miss Rodeo Oklahoma, Lauren Heaton, on winning the title! I can’t wait to get to know my “American Counterpart” a little better this year.

The final thing I’ll never forget is the interactions I had with some of the top rodeo athletes in the world. Whether it was being paired up with Steven Peebles, Richmond Champion or Kaleb Driggers during autograph sessions, or having the chance to visit with Fallon Taylor, Matt Shiozowa, or our very own Curtis Cassidy during the buckle presentations each evening, I know what an honour it was to be in the presence of those rodeo greats and appreciated their kindness towards this small town Canadian girl.

I couldn’t possibly name everyone in this diary entry that made the National Finals Rodeo unforgettable but I hope you know who you are!

I’ve got a bit of a break over Christmas time so, until next time, Happy Holidays to everyone!

Katy Lucas
Miss Rodeo Canada 2015




Eighteen years ago I decided that I wanted to be Miss Rodeo Canada. Those 18 years led up to one week in November that flew by faster than I ever imagined. As I stood, holding on to the girls I had spent the week competing with, I reflected on what had gotten me from a shy little girl that was afraid to be in a picture with Miss Rodeo America by myself, to a young woman, seconds away from realizing a lifelong dream.

The next two minutes were a blur.

Katy Lucas, Miss Rodeo Canada 2015I barely heard my name over the P-A system, thankfully Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede Princess Ashley Abbot nudged me towards the arena where I was met with a hug from Nicole Briggs, a mentor and friend, then shook hands with Donny Johansen of Montana Silversmiths as he handed me a buckle I felt earlier that day it might be unlucky to touch, keys were placed in my hand as I marveled at my new Dodge Ram Truck to drive for the year, and after a sash was placed on my shirt, a victory lap for my first ride as Miss Rodeo Canada 2015.

It has now been a week since I was crowned and every once in a while I peek out my bedroom window to make sure the truck is still there in the driveway, and every time I open my hat box I am surprised to see my Miss Ponoka Stampede crown has now been switched out for the one with the maple leaf.

It is hard to believe that I have been given this opportunity, this sport is my life. I truly do live and breathe the sport of rodeo and want nothing more than to help ensure it never goes away. So with that, I promise you all that I will do everything in my power to be a great representative for the Miss Rodeo Canada Organization, The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, and the country of Canada as a whole.

My first stop as Miss Rodeo Canada will be in the bright lights of Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. I cannot wait for this journey to officially begin, although in my mind it began 18 years ago when I nervously met one of my greatest heroes… a rodeo queen.






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