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Christa Lawrence Needham

Christa Lawrence (Needham)
Miss Rodeo Canada 2005

On November 12, 2004 during the evening performance of the Canadian Finals Rodeo, Christa Lawrence's dreams came true when she was crowned Miss Rodeo Canada 2005. Christa also captured the horsemanship award.

Christa was Miss Rodeo Maple Creek 2003 and was delighted to represent her hometown. She grew up on her family's historic cattle ranch where appreciation of the cowboy way of life and its western values has defined her as the woman she is today.

Eighteen year old Christa is a recent high school graduate and a former member of the Saskatchewan High School Rodeo All Star team. In 2004, Christa was honored to be named Cowgirl of the Year.

As the first lady of Canadian Professional Rodeo, Christa will travel extensively throughout Western Canada and into the United States as the official ambassador for the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association working with rodeo committees, stock contractors, sponsors, media and rodeo fans.

Christa is so proud of her western heritage and is looking forward to the many wonderful experiences that await her in the next year. She honors the legacy of Miss Rodeo Canada and will wear the title proudly as she represents the sport of rodeo and the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.







Interview with Christa Lawrence

Interview with Christa Lawrence
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Christa Lawrence, Miss Rodeo Canada 2005


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As a milestone in my life is coming to a close, I look back on my year and reflect on how much I have truly gained from this experience. I never imagined that an 18 year old girl could serve as the official ambassador for the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association doing what I thought was impossible - completing 550 personal appearances, attending 100 rodeo performances in both Canada and the United States, signing over 11,000 autographs and riding 30 different horses. What an amazing ride.

As I prepare to say farewell, I must acknowledge those who have made a significant contribution to my life - both in and out of the arena.

My accomplishments reflect the strong values my parents have instilled within me. I would not be the woman I am today without the continued love, constant encouragement and steady guidance of my parents, family and friends. I thank you all!

To the Miss Rodeo Canada Committee, words cannot begin to express my gratitude for all you have done for me. Thank you for a year I will never forget.

To the Miss Rodeo Canada sponsors, the CPRA staff, the Town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, the rodeos that invited me, the families who hosted me and to the owners of the horses that I had the privilege of riding, I sincerely thank you.

I have seen our professional cowboys and cowgirls continually strive towards their goals and dreams. Whatever the conditions, they always gave it their all. I thank them for a life lesson well learned - "Never give up!"

I hope I have made more people aware of rodeo's heritage, rich history and tradition of family so it will continue to thrive for future generations. As a fifth-generation cowgirl raised on my family's ranch, I was taught self respect and hard work. I always try to look at every new situation with a positive attitude, to analyze and learn my lesson and to put my best foot forward the next time.

I never envisioned being Miss Rodeo Canada; but I happily embraced this opportunity, never closing an opened door. During my year, my true character emerged enabling me to grow from a girl into a young woman who now moves ahead confidently knowing one person really can make a valuable contribution.

To Miss Rodeo Canada 2006, I now look to you to continue the legacy and follow in the footsteps of those who have come before you. The title of Miss Rodeo Canada is an honour that goes far beyond material items or miles travelled. It is an incredible opportunity to leave your mark on a sport and lifestyle that we love so much.

Thank you all for an amazing year full of memories to last a lifetime!

Christa Lawrence
Miss Rodeo Canada 2005




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Christa Lawrence Needham, with Husband Slim and son Colt.


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